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We bridge the gap between marketing and sales teams by providing a data-driven layer of intelligence that adds predictive value to your CRM and marketing automation systems.

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6sense Features

Lead Intelligence
Market Insights

Provides tools that help identify key topics that are trending, as well as the content that customers are more likely to engage with.

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Account-level Insights

Helps determine the correlation between ad exposure and site visits, assets downloaded, content, leads generated, etc.

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Lead Analysis

Prioritizes leads through lead scoring, market insights, account-level insights, etc.

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Lead Opportunity

Aligns lead scores with predefined lead distribution criteria

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Lead Assignment

Matches and assigns leads to the correct sales representative

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Pipeline Acceleration

Determines which leads should be prioritized and then accelerates them up the pipeline

Lead Management

Provides customer and prospect segmentation capabilities, which in turn assists marketing prioritization and effectiveness.

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Predictive Scoring

Automatically scores prospects based on behavior and engagement levels.

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Account Identification

Helps identify and distribute accounts internally, giving prioritization to those that are more likely to convert to sales.

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Lead Management

Integrates with lead capture and lead intelligence tools to discover leads

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Creates and assigns scoring system to rank the viability of leads

Lead Context

Integrates with CRM or marketing automation tools to contextualize lead data

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Marketing Campaigns
Omni-Channel Tracking

Provides tracking across multiple digital advertising channels, such as video, mobile, and social media.

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Revenue Planning

Helps allocate marketing budget based predicted amount of incoming revenue.

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Media Attribution

Assists in the attribution of marketing budget by identifying successful campaigns and initiatives.

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Opportunity Timeline

Provides a timeline to visualize the effects of individual campaigns, leads, and other opportunities.

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Allows for custom report types to match the goals of a company.

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Conversion Viability

Reports on and analyzes lead scores to determine the conversion rate of lead opportunities


Aligns lead scores and strategy with existing sales operations

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Campaign Execution
Website Personalization

Provides tools that dynamically serve content, messaging, and calls-to-action.

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Prioritized Accounts

Helps determine which accounts have the highest/lowest opportunity to convert.

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Trending Accounts

Helps determine the direction of each individual account and how to engage through specific content.

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Email Campaigns

Connects sales emails with cross-sell/upsell marketing campaigns across multiple channels.

Data Synchronization

Syncs lead data within the sales database for consistency and accuracy

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Provides analysis on lead scores, funnel insights, and both open and closed opportunities

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