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Ab Initio review by Vicki S.
Vicki S.
Validated Reviewer
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"An Initio review from a newbie"

What do you like best?

That it’s much better than our old way of doing a similar process.

What do you dislike?

As someone that is still learning, it’s not that I dislike anything in particular, but rather that I’m not familiar enough or don’t understand they “why” behind it.

What business problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

My company processes a TON of data and our old way of doing so was pretty much archaic. An Initio allows us to be much more efficient.

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Ab Initio review by User in Information Technology and Services
User in Information Technology and Services
Validated Reviewer
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"Best ETL tool of you have the budget"

What do you like best?

Unix-based independent os of the tool makes it much faster than most of the ETL tools. Compatibily with all types of sources and reporting tools is good. Better at handling huge volume of data warehouses

What do you dislike?

Cost too high - a long term investment meant for large size organizations

What business problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

Developing and maintenance of a data warehouse

What Data Quality solution do you use?

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Ab Initio review by Suhast J.
Suhast J.
Validated Reviewer
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"The best comes at a cost!"

What do you like best?

Ab Initio markets a variety of products that help in Data Integration, Data Management, Data Validation and Profiling. The most widely used products of Ab Initio are the GDE (Graphical Development Environment or the UI), the EME (Enterprise Meta Environment) and the Co Operating System (the brain, engine of tool). This review will concentrate mainly on these 3 products ffered by Ab Initio. The Ab Initio GDE provides a wide range of components that help in extracting data from any source (database, file, webservice, etc) transforming data and loading data into any target. Error handling and logging comes as a part of each component and can be modified as er user preference. The EME is the repository and provides version control and helps in dependency analysis (a concept where we can identify the impact of a code change across your project). The Co Operating system is the core or the compiler or the engine that runs the code developed in the Ab Initio GDE. The best feature of the Ab Initio tool is its ability to parallel process and the speed of processing volumes of data. The tool creates a Unix script behind the scene that can be wrapper and deployed as a job. The latest version of the tool comes with Big Data connectivity and can run Map/Reduce jobs as well. The transformations within Ab Initio are easy to write and have the drag-n-drop facility making it more intuitive. Anything and everything is possible in Ab Initio when it comes to extracting, transforming and loading data (and I can say this with confidence since I am using the tool for 8 years). Ab Initio also offers a product called Conduct It which helps in scheduling and running the code developed. Ab Initio offers continuous flows where jobs can be run continuously reading and transforming data real time. Such requirements are highly used in the telecom and banking domains to process real time transactions. Overall, Ab Initio is a highly scalable ETL tool that can be used to handle all the data related needs of an organization.

What do you dislike?

Well, all the cool things that Ab Initio offers come at a huge cost. Every product (GDE, EME, Co Op, Conduct It) comes under a license per user. The organization investing in Ab Initio would have to equally invest in hardware to make optimum use of the product.

What business problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

I have used Ab Initio mainly for legacy modernization and data integration. I have seen customers use Ab Initio for data profiling, data cleansing and scrubbing. Ab Initio basically can solve any data driven challenges of an organization with speed and high accuracy.

Ab Initio review by sathish p.
sathish p.
Validated Reviewer
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"Very good for Active data warehouse"

What do you like best?

Features of-course, very effective for high volume data loads.

What do you dislike?

To extract maximum output one should be good in UNIX.

Recommendations to others considering the product

Very reliable and most useful for active data warehouse environment.

What business problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?


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