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Abstract is a design management platform made to help modern design teams to work smarter and faster together.

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What is Abstract?

Abstract is a secure version controlled hub for your design files. Abstract helps modern design teams to work smarter and faster - together.

With Abstract designers can:

Work together with confidence: Multiple designers can work concurrently on the same design files without fear of overwriting each other’s work.
One final version. Just one. : No conflicting copies. No duplicate copies. There is one Master, one single source of truth for their Sketch files.
Structured, unified workspace: Abstract wrangle file sprawl into a structured, informative, and unified workspace. It’s easy to find things because they are labeled clearly. No need to dive into folders and subfolders to find the right file.
Transparent Workflow: All changes to files are stored, along with who made the change with a description of the edits.
Easy Sharing: Designers can share a link to their work with clients or stakeholders who can view it via. their web app, and add annotations and comment.

Abstract Details Provided by: Hema P.

Abstract Details Provided by: Hema Padhu

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