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ADP RUN Testimonials

  1. Daniel L.

    Managing Director at Palmetto School of Career Development

    Payroll Is Simple, Despite Our More Complicated Needs

    "I love how easily it incorporates with QuickBooks. I've hourly and salaried employees that need be counted as Admin overhead and direct costs to specific locations, tracked by class. I also have withholdings, garnishments, and reimbursements, all of which are easy to set up in ADP and easy to automatically communicate to QuickBooks Online."
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  2. Kraig H.

    Registered Nurse at University of Chicago Medicine

    I thought this product is doing exactly what it should do. It is fantastic

    "I love how easy it is to use and how well everyone around my workplace likes APD Run."
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  3. Kailash P.

    Cyber Security Program Manager & SAP GRC APP Manager

    Good Prodcut

    "Very easy to use I love the ADP RUN interface"
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  4. Administrator in Computer Software

    Very Happy Using ADP Run

    "I like the ease of use of this product. I use ADP Run for payroll processing of two different companies, and it's intuitive and easy to do what I need to do."
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  5. Administrator in Higher Education

    A good solid software that does what it is supposed to do.

    "As a major vendor in the payroll industry, ADP does all of the things that you would expect from a payroll processor. You have tons of features and way to track your employees, especially on the newest version, WorkForceNow."
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  6. Administrator in Staffing and Recruiting

    Payroll Resource

    "I like everything in one place and being able to edit employee files and numbers if need be. I like the reports it generates and it is very user friendly."
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  7. Administrator in Law Practice


    "I love the ADP RUN interface. After using several different payroll companies, we finally decided to splurge and spend a little more on ADP and it has been worth every penny. They have fantastic customer service and their system is very user friendly."
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