Apartment Finder

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Apartment Finder provides listing services, information, and marketing through an online rental marketplace.

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Apartment Finder Features

Listing Service Features
Listing Syndication

Submit properties onto the listing service in order to increase visibility, and search through other syndicated listings.

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Listing Management Portal

Manage listing details through an agent web portal. Details about listings typically include information such as property values, photos of the properties, and lists of fixtures or amenities.

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Agent Profiles

Share professional profiles of brokerages or agents outlining areas of expertise, active listings, and service areas.

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Premium Listings & Profiles

Profiles and / or listings can be given premium exposure, complete with additional lead generation capabilities, more prominent placement, and more detailed information.

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Website Integration / Widgets

Incorporate widgets into your website to share listing data, market monitoring tools, badges, and RSS feeds.

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CMA Tools

Real estate listings can be used as comparables and compiled into comparative market analyses (CMAs) to share with clients.

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Mortgage Calculators

Simple mortgage calculators are available within the listing service so that agents can understand the purchasing ability of potential buyers and recommend budget limits.

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CRM Integration

Integrate listing services with real estate CRM tools to collect leads and referrals.

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MLS Integration

MLS feeds can automatically update syndicated listings to ensure that information on the site is accurate and up to date.

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Advertising & Marketing Tools

Advertise locally on listing service websites, mobile applications, and email newsletters. Take advantage of advertising networks to improve reach across listing services.

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