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Are you tired of installing each Apptivo App individually, gulping up your mobile storage? No worries!!
Imagine, what if someone offers you a set of seven apps in a bundle!! Surely that would be more awesome. Yes, we at Apptivo have now launched an ultimate mobile app giving you the advantage to use all of our iOS apps in one place. Isn't it great?
Our Apptivo team has launched the Unified App which helps everything go easy and simple. Go ahead to know more interesting details about our Unified App.
Various apps that are collaborated in this Unified App are listed below:
* Invoices
* Work Orders
* Estimates
* Help Desk
* Expense Reports
* Orders

This Mobile App is nothing less than our web version. We have implemented the below features in this Unified App.

Activities - You can get a detailed view of the various time bound actions like Meetings, Tasks, Follow-Ups, Call Logs and so on.

Conversions - It allows you to convert from one object to another according to your business needs. The highlighting feature is that all possible conversions are now available, enabling you to easily convert an object. Besides the usual conversions found in the mobile version, the new features rolled up in this Unified App release are:
* Cases to Work Order
* Opportunities to Estimates
* Opportunities to Invoice
* Work Orders to Invoice
* Estimates to Invoice
* Estimates to Work Orders

360 Degree View - You can get a view of everything that’s been associated with that object record.
Each and every feature is available in all the implemented apps built within Unified App.

Now, let us go through a brief note about each app included in this Unified App.

CRM - Apptivo CRM being a combination of several apps like Leads, Contacts, Customers and Opportunities, simplifies your business process and accelerates the productivity. Get unlimited access to all your contacts, customers, leads, tasks, activities and much more, right from your fingertips.

Invoices - Apptivo’s Invoices App allows you to create accurate and standardized invoices, based on your Orders, Timesheets or Work Service Orders. This App offers integration with tools such as PayPal and Google Checkout to make the payment easier and faster for the customer.

Work Orders - Apptivo Work Orders (WO) application allows you to easily manage and dispatch resources to address customer problems on-site, and providing a method for the employees to track the hours and products used to resolve it.

Estimates - Apptivo Estimates App allows you to quote or provide proposal for the products you sell or the services you render to your clients to take your business forward. Here, you are able to track sales opportunities and generate estimates.

Help Desk - Apptivo Help Desk app manages all problems or issues that your customer incurs. You are able to document the details of your customer problem. Sometimes customer’s feature requests are also logged here for developing future product or service enhancements.

Expense Reports - Apptivo Expenses is designed to streamline the entire reporting & oversight process. Making your employees happier, providing insight into operations, and ensuring policy compliance.

Orders - Apptivo Orders App is one focal place to deal with and manage all the orders placed by your customers. Using the Orders App you can provide items/products promptly to your customers on the basis of the orders placed by them.

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