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Spend Management, Invoice Management, Payment Management, and Contract Management Software.

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Ariba Features

Contract Management Platform Features

Contract Creation

Users can create new contracts within the platform using built-in document creation features.

(Based on 11 reviews)

Contract Templates

Create and access templates with to streamline contract creation, taking advantage of pre-written contract clauses and fields.

(Based on 10 reviews)

Contract Editing

Relevant contract stakeholders can edit, compare, and revise multiple versions of contracts.

(Based on 9 reviews)

Contract Attachments

Additional information, such as images, memos, and invoices, can be attached to contracts as supplemental resources.

(Based on 12 reviews)

Contract Collaboration

Internal and external users are able to collaborate on contracts through a shared web portal with messaging features.

(Based on 8 reviews)

Approval Process

Contract approvals processes can be streamlined, so that departmental workflows are integrated logically into the system.

(Based on 11 reviews)

Notifications & Reminders

Receive notifications and schedule reminders with alerts according to contract milestones.

(Based on 13 reviews)

Contract Database

Contracts can be stored in a central online repository with built in search capabilities.

(Based on 11 reviews)

Integrations / APIs

The contract management platform can integrate with CRM software to associate contracts with customer records, and with CPQ software to feed calculated quote details into the contract.

(Based on 6 reviews)

Reporting & Dashboards

Enable standard and ad hoc reports of contract statuses and timelines, and access live overviews of contract activities.

(Based on 11 reviews)

Travel Management

Ease of Booking

Can book Flights, Hotels, and Rental cars directly from software.

Not enough data available

Itinerary Management

Creates travel itineraries based on booking

Not enough data available

Trip Notifications

Integrates to calendaring systems and/or provides notifications of upcoming flights, hotels, rental cars, etc.

Not enough data available

Advanced Integrations

Allows advanced integrations to travel systems like Uber, airline ticketing systems, hotels, etc.

Not enough data available

Revenue Recognition

Usage Tracking

Track usage per company, custom time period, or contract

Not enough data available

Deferred Revenue

Track payments received for products that haven't be delivered yet

Not enough data available

Revenue Accrual

Recognition rules to accrue revenue on a daily or monthly basis

Not enough data available