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Atomic Predictive Dialer is designed to automate outbound dialing, eliminate dead time between calls and increase the overall efficiency of a contact center.

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What is Atomic Predictive Dialer?

Our Predictive Dialer is custom built for outbound call centers. It can dial an unlimited amount of numbers simultaneously, and strategically funnel answered calls to agents according to priority, thereby quadrupling agent opportunities with quality leads. The Dialer is an automated predictive dialing platform, already utilized by call centers across the globe, and paves the way for agent productivity and success by avoiding busy signals, voicemails, disconnected lines, invalid numbers, and no-answers.
We provide a zero-download software, eliminating the need for IT support to install or maintain. Every feature and system is easily configured. Our Dialer digests your leads and contacts and prioritizes them according to campaign needs, as well as validating phone numbers and time zones.
From one hub, our Dialer provides all the information you might need, including call lists, contact information, and sales scripts.
Using highly configurable campaigns, our software automatically dials your leads in a manner best suiting the needs of the marketing effort.
Call multiple leads simultaneously and strategically, and only funnell live calls to agents and according to agent strengths and specialties.

Calls are dialed and funnelled automatically, saving precious time. Call ratios are highly configurable -- no maximum number of simultaneous calls per agent.

Our Dialer’s many features include time zone optimization, script-on-screen, scheduled and automated callbacks, click-to-call technology, lead popup, and more. And all you need is an internet connection to access the cloud-based management control center.

Advanced Lead Status Management and Reports
The Dialer manages agent workflow and displays the status of each lead.

SMS Messaging
Built-in SMS messaging allows agents to continue the conversation after the call has ended.

Built-in Email Templates
Send an email through our system customized to the message needed.

Seamless Integration with most CRM Systems
Integrate with Deskforce with leading CRMs and platforms, or create your own with our API. This is beneficial as you will gain an advantage by accessing and dialing your contacts from inside your own environment.
Cloud Based
Work from within our platform wherever you have an internet connection, with full security and encryption.

Run Multiple, Simultaneous Campaigns
Run many sales campaigns running at the same time from within our system.

Provide on-point information about the lead and guide them through the sales process by outlining the sale script.

Intelligent Lead Control
Because Deskforce automatically determines the time zones of your leads, your agent can create rule-based logic to send emails and SMS’s to the lead before or after the call, at the appropriate time

What’s the Bottom Line?
With our Dialer you will boost productivity by quadrupling agent opportunities with quality leads.

Avoid busy signals, voicemails, disconnected lines, invalid numbers, and no-answers.

Our Dialer is used by call centers worldwide and is a proven, effective tool for agent success.

Atomic Predictive Dialer Details Provided by: Dan L.

Atomic Predictive Dialer Details Provided by: Dan Leubitz

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Arabic, English, French, Hebrew, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian

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