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Attach helps you engage customers with insight through analytics on the documents you send. It tells you when your documents are opened, who opens them, what pages they read and for how long - all in real-time.

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Attach Features

Content Management
Content Import

Ability to import sales and marketing collateral built outside of the solution

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Content Creation

Overall functionality of building unique sales and marketing collateral within the product

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Pre-built templates for fast and simple content creation

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Advanced Search

Ability to search through all content to easily find necessary collateral

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Content Storage

Overall storage and organziation capabilities

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Reports created by the user, custom or otherwise, that report on prospect interaction and helpfulness of the collateral

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Notification as to when a prospects interacts with a piece of collateral

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Account-Based Engagement

The level of engagement for a specific account based on the presented collateral

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Content Utilization

How frequently sales teams use a particular piece of content and its effectiveness

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Live Presentation

Ability to present to a prospect in-person

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Virtual presentation capabilities via sharing screens

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Mobile Presentation

The option to present live on a mobile device

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