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Autoklose is an all-in-one outbound sales automation platform. It features automated lead generation, drip campaigns, calendar scheduling, and CRM integration.

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Autoklose Features

Record Calls

Records calls for future reference.

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Generate Location

Generates an area code local to where the user is calling to increase likelihood of pick-up.

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Call Types

Allows users to perform calls from their preferred device, whether laptop, desktop, mobile or otherwise.

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Gathers contacts from integrated tools, allowing users to call with one click.

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Retains a log of extraneous contact information such as timezone and contact engagement.

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Information Locater

Finds and opens saved contact information for reference at the time of a new call.

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Record Prospect Data

Allows users to denote which contacts they believe are prospective customers.

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Allows users to take notes during or after the call for future reference.

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Daily Summary

Delivers users a daily summary of activity.

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Automated Voicemails

Sends automated voicemails to prospective clients who fail to answer.

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Automated Emails

Sends automated emails to increase engagement with prospective clients.

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Sorts Prospects

Organizes contacts based on probability of success.

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