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Azure Active Directory B2C

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Azure Active Directory B2C offers consumer identity and access management in the cloud, improves consumer connections, protects their identities, and more.

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Azure Active Directory B2C Features

Authentication Options

Authentication User experience

Process of providing credentials and logging into multiple systems is easy and intuitive for users

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Local Access

Controls access to legacy applications, web based applications, network resources and servers.

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Partner Access

Controls access to users that are not company employees that are either within the companies local area network or outside the network

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Mobile Support

Provides mobile application for required mobile os platform and enables single sign on for native and web based business applications

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Breath of support for target systems

Standard integrations to most common cloud and on premise applications

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Supports BYOD users

Enables users to use their own device to access company applications.

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Multi-Factor Authentication

Supports Required Access Types

Works with required networking products and applications out of the box such as: VPN, Web, Cloud applications, Local/Remote Desktop

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Supports Required Authentication systems

Includes or supports required authentication technologies. Example systems: One Time Passwords, bioMetric, knowledge based, key cards, mobile phone based tokens, etc

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Identity Directories

On-premise identity repositories supported

Variety and Quality of integrations (ie Active Directory, LDAP)

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Application as profile master

Directory treats the user's profile that is in an application as the ongoing source of truth for that user's profile. Changes to profile in master application drive changes to profiles in other applications.

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Cloud Directory

Provides cloud based directory option that contains all user names and attributes

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Self Service Access requests

Users can request access to an application and be automatically provisioned if they meet policy requirements

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Smart/Automated Provisioning

Automates account/access rights creation, changes and removals for on-premise and cloud apps

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Bi-directional Profile Synchronization

Keeps all profile attributes consistent across applications whether the change is made in the provisioning system or the application

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Profile attribute transformation

Transforms profile atributes to the required format for all of the systems being updated

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Role Management

Establish roles that create a set of authentication rights for each user in the role

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Policy Management

Enables administrators to create access policies and applies policy controls throughout request and provisioning processes

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Access Termination

Terminate access to multiple applications based on dates

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Approval Work-flows

Allow business stake-holders/managers to approve or reject requested changes to access via a defined work-flow

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Identifies and Alerts for Threats

Alerts administrators when inappropriate access occurs

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Compliance Audits

Proactively audits access rights against policies

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Administration Console

Provides Administration tools/console that are easy to use and learn for routine maintenance tasks

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Ease of set up for target systems

Support for wide variety of cloud and on premise apps to automate provisioning for existing and new applications procured

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Bulk Changes

Change users and permissions in bulk

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Self Service Password Administration

Users can set, change passwords without interaction from IT staff

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Supports customizable UI

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Cloud based service has minimal downtime

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Service performs well under significant use and can scale to support large number of users

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Vendor follows appropriate security protocols and has appropriate certifications to ensure no breech of confidential data occurs

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Logging and Reporting

Provides required reports to manage business. Provides adequate logging to troubleshoot and support auditing.

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Federation/SAML support

Can serve as the identity provider to external service providers so that when the user logs into a service, instead of providing credentials to the service provider, the service provider trusts the identity provider to validate the credentials.

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Cross Browser support

Support access to browser based applications across required browser types

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Contains pre-built and custom reporting tools to required to manage business

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Provides appropriate application interfaces to enable custom integrations for unique business requirements

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