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Backdrop CMS

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Backdrop CMS is a comprehensive CMS for small and medium sized businesses and non-profits.

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What is Backdrop CMS?

The comprehensive CMS for small to medium sized businesses and non-profits.


Backdrop CMS enables people to build highly customized websites, affordably, through collaboration and open source software.


Backdrop CMS is for the small to medium sized business, non-profits, educational institutions, and companies or organizations who are delivering comprehensive websites on a budget.

Backdrop values site builders over coders.

It's most important that the product first be usable, and second, easy to extend. Developers should consider their users first, and choose to build intuitive user interfaces over flexibility. If options must be presented in the user interface they should be minimal, but APIs beneath the surface can expose more options to developers.

Backdrop values contrib developers over core developers.

Core developers should fight the urge to refactor, because small changes in core may result in large changes for contrib. Each major change will be weighed carefully against the principles of the project, and if a decision is not immediately clear, and issue should be escalated to the Project Management Committee.

Backdrop CMS Details Provided by: Jen L.

Backdrop CMS Details Provided by: Jen Lampton

Senior Drupal Developer, Backdrop CMS Developer
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English, French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

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