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Bandwidth is a Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) company offering a full suite of voice, messaging, and 9-1-1 APIs, all built atop the company's own carrier-grade VoIP network. Businesses use Bandwidth's APIs to easily add calling, texting and 9-1-1 connectivity to software, applications, and internet-connected devices.

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What is Bandwidth?

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Bandwidth offers APIs that power some of the biggest brands' voice, messaging, and 9-1-1 access. Our secret? We own both the network and the APIs, giving you unmatched quality, award-winning support, and massive scalability at a better price!

No matter what you need, Bandwidth's Communications Platform has you covered. Watch the video to learn more.

Bandwidth Details Provided by: Dan L.

Bandwidth Details Provided by: Dan London

Vice President, Revenue Marketing at Bandwidth.com
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About Bandwidth

Bandwidth's solutions are shaping the way we connect where we live, work and play,-- with APIs that allow users to easily embed voice calling & text messaging into software and apps.

Bandwidth is a communications platform as a service (CPaaS) company, offering a full suite of voice and messaging APIs, all built atop the company’s own carrier-grade VoIP network, purpose-built with business-grade quality and deliverability in mind.

We can help give your app a voice in a matter of minutes, and integrate virtually any messaging functionality into your software. Thousands of companies tap into Bandwidth's network and APIs for innovative uses in business communications, customer care, and consumer applications and devices. Millions use Bandwidth phone numbers everyday for simple calls and texts without even realizing it-- here’s a few examples of how you may have already interacted with Bandwidth APIs:

- We’re the voice behind Google and Skype calls
- We’re sending the text notification from ZipRecruiter that helped you land your job
- We’re the toll-free number you might see on an ad in YellowPages
- We’re delivering the picture of Fido from your pet-sitter in the Rover app
- We’re behind the Burner app phone line you have for your side business
- We routed that call to 9-1-1 on your Earthlink phone line when you broke your arm

How do you position yourself against your competitors?

Bandwidth's history as a network carrier brings several big benefits for customers-- particularly those looking to scale while maintaining quality. Wholesale pricing, deeper and faster support that's included from the get-go, and custom collaboration options for enterprise customers are just a few of the advantages of working with Bandwidth.

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