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Basis DSP is the platform advertisers need to run successful online advertising across every channel.

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What is Basis DSP?

As programmatic digital advertising continues to grow by leaps and bounds, many advertisers and agencies feel overwhelmed. The complexity of a fragmented, rapidly changing marketplace, the high cost of training, and the prevalence of ad fraud all combine to make programmatic media buyers’ lives difficult at best.

The market for Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) is crowded with products that are often complex, hard to use, and undifferentiated. Poorly designed user interfaces require costly training, support and ongoing education before and during campaigns. And ad fraud, projected to cost U.S. advertisers $7.2 billion globally in 2016, cuts into returns on programmatic buying.

Basis DSP (formerly Centro DSP) provides unified, enterprise-class software and services to simplify, enhance, and improve return on your digital media operations. It is the easiest-to-use and best-supported multi-channel DSP available today, allowing buyers to run programmatic display, mobile, video, Facebook right rail and native campaigns via self-service, as a managed service, or through a combination of both.

Basis DSP is also at the core of Basis, a next generation programmatic advertising software combined with a media buying business ecosystem. Basis is a SaaS solution that boosts team and campaign performance by enabling advertisers to integrate real-time bidding (RTB), direct, search and social advertising into one campaign planning platform. Programmatic advertising and direct-to-publisher media buying, as well as optimization and analysis, are orchestrated through this all-in-one media system.

Centro’s education and training curriculum enables teams to quickly improve their programmatic knowledge and skill sets. Robust fraud protection prevents wasted investments. Our service model and comparably lower monthly minimums help companies gain real programmatic expertise within tight budget constraints.

Basis DSP Details Provided by: Pam M.

Basis DSP Details Provided by: Pam McBride

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