Billhighway Financial Management Platform is a cloud-based software that processes multi-channel payments for nonprofits and assocations.

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What is Billhighway?

Billhighway is an association management tool that helps united chapter's finances and data for large organizations and groups that have multiple components. Billhighway helps these associations bring all of their data together to keep their properly structure finance flow and keep organizations working.

What types of organizations can Billhighway help?

Billhighway is focused towards three types of organizations that are marketed to with slightly different modules; associations, labor unions and fraternities.

What are Billhighway's features

Billhighway has three main features in their platform. Harnessing user data, growing your association's membe-base and turning manual fundraising and data collection into an automatic work flow. These features all associations and organizations to learn about trends and patterns among their entire association member-base on a national level by sharing user data across different branches, identify the best times to ask potential new members to sign up for their association, use best practices to retain current members and transfer fundraiser and other funds across chapters automatically.

Billhighway Summary

Overall, Billhighway provides a solution for associations to keep all of their chapters updated on what is happening through all of the associations and at a national level. This transparency allows different branches to adopt strategies that are adopted and successful at sibling branches. It also provides automation in key revenue points that allows organizations to save money and allot their resources and employees in more important areas of their association, fraternity or labor union. This allows for organizations to focus on their main mission and goals, instead of time consuming administrative and financial tasks.

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