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Bloomfire supports Sales, Marketing, HR, and Help Desk teams by creating a centralized place for training, onboarding, knowledge sharing, and social learning to unify your organization.

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What is Bloomfire?

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Learn more about Bloomfire, a knowledge management system which helps become employees 20% more efficient.

Bloomfire Details Provided by: Dana Y.

Bloomfire Details Provided by: Dana Youngren Dohse

Director of Marketing at Bloomfire
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About Bloomfire

Bloomfire centralizes your team’s knowledge so that everyone is empowered to find information, quickly. Bloomfire’s cloud-based knowledge sharing platform has a suite of features that help solve problems from knowledge management to collaboration, to managing files and information across teams.

On average, employees spend 20% of their day looking for the information they need to do their jobs. That’s why Bloomfire has built a leading AI driven search. So you can spend less time looking for information and be more productive.

Whether you’re looking to leverage knowledge sharing across your entire company or within departments, Bloomfire helps to unify your organization by creating a centralized place for all your information.

-Sales and Marketing teams are better aligned
-Customer Support teams resolve issues faster
-HR teams improve employee engagement and onboard team members faster
-Customer Insights teams make research and data more easily accessible to the team who need it most

How do you position yourself against your competitors?

Customers choose Bloomfire because

Powerful Search: Every word within every piece of content is deep indexed, so you can even find content embedded within files.

AI-Driven: Bloomfire’s Artificial Intelligence Engine helps deepen engagement and save time through features like suggested content and auto-tagging.

Moderation and Curation: Bloomfire makes it easy to keep content fresh with features such as scheduled posts, auto-expire, review reminders and bulk curation.

Centralize Everything: Create a knowledge hub, so everyone is on the same page and has the content they need to be productive.

Mobile Friendly: In addition to iOS and Android apps, Bloomfire is completely mobile responsive.

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