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Blue® Course Evaluations


Blue is an online course evaluation systems that handle complex assessments with ease by seamlessly integrating with student information and learning management systems, it leverages enrollment data to fully automate the evaluation process.

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What is Blue® Course Evaluations?

As one of the most advanced online course evaluation systems, Blue® offers you flexibility, personalization, and control. Key Features:

- Leverage existing IT infrastructure with seamless integration.
- Support different evaluation timelines plus team-taught and cross-listed courses.
- Tailor questions at every level (institution, department, program, instructor, course, etc.
- Accommodate paper and online course evaluations, hybrid models, mid-term reviews, and in-class evaluations.
- Automatically send centralized and personalized email notifications, invitations, and reminders.
- Access forms through any web-enabled device
- Aggregate reports at any level based on existing course and instructor demographics.
- Track teaching and learning improvement over time with longitudinal analysis.
- Discover hidden insights in open-ended student comments with text analytics.
- Provide access to live response rates to monitor student participation.

Blue® Course Evaluations Details Provided by: Chanel M. S.

Blue® Course Evaluations Details Provided by: Chanel M. Sutherland

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Languages Supported
Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish

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