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Cross-Channel Marketing Automation combined with AI-Powered Recommendations for email, websites and mobile apps. Powered by a 360-degree Customer View.

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What is Blueshift?

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Learn why companies like BBC, LendingTree, Tradera (an ebay company), ClearScore, Redmart, Udacity, OYO Rooms, The Muse, and Vouchercloud rely on Blueshift to deliver amazing customer experiences across all their marketing channels.

How are you giving the best customer experience across all of your marketing channels?
Blueshift's AI-Powered Cross Channel Customer Engagement delivers relevant Customer Experiences across all your marketing channels.

Blueshift Details Provided by: Shannon J.

Blueshift Details Provided by: Shannon Johlic

Director of Marketing, Demand Generation at BlueShift Labs
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About Blueshift

We founded Blueshift to address problems we encountered first-hand as marketing & machine learning leaders. Our team previously founded Groupon Goods (Mertado), and were early team at WalmartLabs (Kosmix). As marketers ourselves, we noticed that it’s becoming increasingly harder communicate with customers on a 1:1 basis in the era of the perpetually connected customer.

Using patented technology, Blueshift’s AI enables consumer marketers at leading consumer brands to launch 1:1 engagement on every channel.

● Visual campaigns & Journeys: Build multi-touch campaigns with a simple visual interface; include advanced testing, content recommendations & filters with just a few clicks.
● Behavioral Segmentation at scale: Segments that update dynamically based on a real-time stream of customer interactions
● Predictive Segmentation: Machine learning based scores for user affinities and propensities
● Product & content recommendations: Build multiple recommendation schemes for merchandising products, categories and content
● Full-funnel measurement with attribution: go beyond opens & clicks, and track custom conversion goals with customizable attribution.
● Cross-channel orchestration: Orchestrate cross-channel campaigns between email, mobile app notifications, SMS, website, Facebook retargeting and more.
● Testing & Optimization: Leverage advanced testing capabilities, including a-b tests, as well as measurement against holdout groups.
● Best-in-class deliverability: Scalable deliverability infrastructure and services.

How do you position yourself against your competitors?

Our technology lets you find users who are 3-10X more likely to respond to certain messages, and personalize emails & push messages to them.

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