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Botmetric provides comprehensive cost management, DevOps automation and performs security, performance and backup audits for AWS cloud infrastructure.

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What is Botmetric?

Botmetric is an intelligent cloud management solution for AWS to simplify the work of engineers. We offer Cost Management and Cloud Governance, Security and Compliance, Ops and Cloud Automation solutions to make cloud management easy for customers around the world by freeing up their precious engineering time. With Botmetric, you can identify security issues, intelligently analyze cloud cost challenges, save money, deploy cloud governance policies and resolve operational problems using click-to-fix technology and powerful automation within minutes. We deliver intelligent solutions so you can take control of your cloud cost management, deploy security compliance monitoring and auto remediate production alerts within a single platform.

Cost Management & Cloud Governance - Offers a comprehensive cost management solution to monitor your cloud costs, optimize spend through intelligent analytics, govern finances, define policies for business and allocate resources for maximum ROI.

Security & Cloud Compliance - Provides continuously automated security audits for AWS and compliance insights for cloud security, data security & IAM access security with over 200+ health checks and best practices to keep your AWS cloud protected.

Operations & Cloud Automation - Offers an operational intelligence with powerful event driven automation platform for engineers to know what is happening, quickly analyze problems, fix events and automate everyday DevOps tasks.

We are the highest rated cloud management platform on AWS Marketplace.

Botmetric Details Provided by: Rajeev K.

Botmetric Details Provided by: Rajeev Kumar

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