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Bright Aspects

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Bright Aspects is a marketing automation agency for marketing technology, strategy and campaign services. Bright Aspects helps Marketo customers deliver exception results by implementing practice based strategy with highly integrated, cutting-edge marketing technologies.

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What is Bright Aspects?

We are a group of Marketo Certified Consultants, Marketo Champions and marketing technology experts. We specialize in Marketo consulting and related marketing technology stack.

At Bright Aspects, we focus on what you need and how to help you solve your problems. We have been working on Marketo and related technologies and strategies for several years and most likely have some tips/inputs on your specific needs.

Problems we solve

1> No In-House Marketo Expert

You do not have any Marketo expert in-house. Every team member works on Marketo program but we are missing campaign launch dates. Marketo is getting unorganized, and haphazard.
We can help. We become a flexible, responsive resource you can go to get the job done.

2> Inherited Messy Marketo Instance

We have a Marketo instance that is a few years old. Over the years, it had several owners. The original team that implemented it moved on. It is an undocumented mess and figuring out even simple things take a long time. We need help now!

Absolutely. It is one thing to create and some how execute programs in Marketo. But it takes a totally another level of mastery to deduce how, why and when of the programs when the person who created is not there any more.

3> Not using Marketo strategically

We seems to be using Marketo for tactical tasks only. We got to implement proven best practices and strategic programs. We need an expert who have done it before.
Yep. We are engineers + marketers + growth hackers and communication experts all in one. We help companies to use their marketing tech stack to their strategic advantage.

4> How to integrate Marketo with ___?

We need to integrate Marketo with XXX. Shall we be using SOAP API, REST API, Munchkin API or Web hooks?

We created ‘World’s first DIY web hook library for Marketo at BrightHooks.com‘. Need a Marketo integration architect who have done it before?

5> Implementing Marketo, First time

We are a fast growing company, implementing Marketo for the first time. We need someone who have implemented Marketo with related processes and strategies before.

Absolutely. We will help you implement Marketo right the first time...

6> Repeated, tedious & wasteful tasks

We get ad-hoc requests for list uploads, list pulls all the time. We also get asked to send ad-hoc email blasts. It takes too much time away from more strategic initiatives. Can these tasks be automated?
Exactly. We build solutions that make marketo professionals life a bit easier. In fact, we are always looking for a new problem we can solve.

Bright Aspects Details Provided by: Rajesh T.

Bright Aspects Details Provided by: Rajesh Talele

3x Marketo Champion | MarTech Author | 4x Marketo Certified | SFDC + Strategy + API + Tech | Independent Consultant
Languages Supported
English, Hindi

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