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BriteCore is a best of breed product today, but ongoing innovation is what truly sets us apart. Our core values, along with our product, pricing, and development model are all centered around and designed for continuous enhancement. Clients directly establish development priorities, optimizing the product roadmap. Services staff maintain deep insurance expertise, offering creative process optimizations and translation between developers and carriers. Developers implement leading technology, solving carrier problems with the latest tools and processes. These forces combine to produce ground breaking features at a record pace. As our group grows, we build better tools faster.
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BriteCore Details Provided by: Chastin R.

BriteCore Details Provided by: Chastin Reynolds

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About BriteCore

BriteCore provides a comprehensive Property and Casualty Insurance processing suite to insurers. BriteCore was built from the ground up using the latest modern technology. Deployed using the Amazon Web Services cloud, our enterprise-level software is continually updated to guarantee maximum security, efficiency, and durability at scale. Over 40 insurance carriers, MGAs, and start-ups rely on BriteCore to increase speed to market, improve competitive position, and support growth. Visit to find out why these companies are putting BriteCore in production all across the US and Canada.

BriteCore is also a proud member of NAMIC and provides software solutions to many of its members.

How do you position yourself against your competitors?

Ongoing innovation truly sets BriteCore apart from competitors. Our core values, along with our product, pricing, and development model are all centered around and designed for continuous enhancement. We provide our customers with the tools they need to directly establish their own development priorities and optimize the product roadmap. Here’s a short list of factors that allow us to continually innovate, and innovate well:

1. Excellent producers of creative, quality, long-term solutions through continuous feature development.

2. Committed to clear, honest, and transparent communication.
Communication creates multiple opportunities for feedback from clients and vendors, directing us towards the most useful features and solutions to be developed.

3. Offer true monthly-subscription SaaS.
SaaS subscription frees time and resources, as all clients are on the same release of software, to be invested back into research and development.

4. Clients contribute to development through quality-assured, test-first code contribution.

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