Art M.
    President/CEO Panhandle Farmers and Executive Manager at Mutual Protective Association of WV

    BriteCore changed the direction of our company and opened many opportunities for our future.

    "The web based functionality hosted in the cloud provides our company the means to operate outside the box. Being able to grant access to auditors, regulators and reinsurance partners to our system is extremely beneficial toward the overall process of how our company performs. The system provides a tremendously high level of disaster recovery benefit which has provided the opportunity to..."

    Alex G.
    CIO / CTO at Farmers Fire Insurance

    Partnering with BriteCore gives Farmers Fire the best of both worlds.

    "Farmers Fire came to Intuitive Web Solutions' (IWS) BriteCore team with our own heritage of in-house software development, having built and maintained our prior P&C carrier platform for several decades. As we looked to the future, we wanted the maturity and stability that a vendor solution provides, while retaining the agility and flexibility that in-house development has always afforded us. ..."

    Brian T.
    President & CEO at Municipal Mutual Insurance Company of WV

    Our Positive BriteCore Partnership

    "BriteCore has allowed our company the ability to adapt to constant change by staying current with industry and regulation updates along with providing our policyholders with real time information and access to new product offerings."

    Barbie L.
    at East Tennessee Mutual Insurance Company

    Best insurance software provider!

    "The set-up if the software and the ease of use. And the only software company that has created a community with it's clients. It is user friendly and it is easy for new agents to use. Because of Britecore we are able to be more attractive to Independent Agents. Can't ask for a better team of people to work with."

    Chris G.
    Business Solutions Architect at AP Intego Insurance Group, LLC

    BriteCore Configuration

    "From a configuration point-of-view, BriteCore is well suited to address the needs of most types of insurance products. It is quick & easy to build the product, as configuration changes can be tested immediately (i.e. no build process is required). The open source model is a plus, as we are able to leverage effort that others contribute to the base product (such as API integration). The..."

    Drew S.
    Senior Project Manager at MassPrinting Inc.

    A great business partner and product

    "As a vendor focusing on the document output and printing and mailing, BriteCore makes it very easy for us to get the information we need through their simple API integration. It enables to effectively manage the relationship with our clients and provide the service they expect. BriteCore has been a great partner, constantly working with us make the document output process better. "


    BriteCore - Great Service

    "BriteCore has allowed my company to adapt to the constant change by staying current within the industry updates - Along with providing our policyholders with real time information! The system provide use with a high level of disaster recovery benefit"

    Adam T.
    Director of Development at American Farmers & Ranchers Mutual Insurance Company

    BriteCore Implementation and System Review

    "The best parts of BriteCore are the community aspects and ease of use. BriteCore is trying to make insurance better as a whole by using software to bring together carriers and ideas. Very frequently we have seen carriers come together sharing ideas and features that will improve not only their company using the BriteCore software but all other insurance carriers. The software itself is very..."


    I wished I've seen this sooner!

    "BriteCore is everything I've been looking for It's easy to use - Support is great and repsonive. API intergration is on point. Everything our company needs right here!"


    BriteCore - Amazing!

    "What I liked best is that BriteCore ease of use is on point - The software is very easy to use and get use it - Very good for people like me. They have help our company achieve greatness with there fast helpful support! Very much recommend "