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When you run a small business, you have a lot on your plate. That's why Carbonite Business backup solutions are designed with your to-do list (and your budget) in mind.

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Carbonite Features

Admin Tools

Visual Designer

Provides tool to set up integrations and adminster integrations using visual inteface with out coding

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Data Transformations

Provides standard tools and functions to convert data values from the data format of a source system into the data format of a destination system

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Breadth of Connectors

Supports wide variety of connectors across SaaS, Enterprise, Big Data, Mainframe, Files

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Quality of Connectors

Predefined "standard" connectors can be used without signficant modifications

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Build advanced business processes and workflows

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User Community

Has user community that openly shares learnings and knowledge amongst each other

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Run Time Capability

Real-Time Integration

Supports event or transaction based integrations that react to changes in real-time

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Parallel Processing

Simultaneous uses more than one CPU or processor core to execute large jobs faster during off hours.

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Data Chunker

Splits the source data into multiple chunks so that processing time can be improved

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Data Masking

Ability to de-identify fields to protect sensitive data

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Proactive Monitoring

Identifies opportunities or threats with data quality or data governace and sends alerts messages

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Disaster Recovery

Delegate backup settings to facilitate specific recovery in the result of a disaster.

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Remote Backup

Provide remote access dashboards designed to manage and store data from familiar applications.

(Based on 40 reviews)

Storage Formats

The ability to store multiple types of file formats or convert files to proper format.

(Based on 42 reviews)

Scheduled Backups

The abillity to automate backups or have backup storage updated continuously.

(Based on 44 reviews)

On-Demand Restoration

The ability to restore files to its original location or alternative sources on-demand.

(Based on 38 reviews)

Integration Options

Big Data Processing

Provides integration to BigData sources such as Hadoop and other NoSQL sources (MongoDB, Cassandra and HBase)

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Data Virtualization

Integrates data from disparate sources, without physical data movement

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Data Lifecycle Management

Provides tools to manage the flow of data throughout its life cycle: from creation and initial storage to obsolescence and deletion

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Master Data Management

Supports managing master data by removing duplicates, standardizing data in mass, using rules, etc to eliminate incorrect data from entering the system.

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Hierarchical Data

Ability to process hierarchical data, like JSON, XML, HIPAA etc?.

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Managed File Transfers

Provides one or more methods to securely transfer data from one location to another through a network

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Asynchronous Messaging

Ability to place a message in a message queue and does not need to wait for a reply to continue processing

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Activity Monitoring

Actively monitor status of work stations either on-premise or remote.

(Based on 34 reviews)


Reporting abilities to assess data quality and activity.

(Based on 35 reviews)


Send summary, update, or actionable alerts to administrators to detail activity.

(Based on 40 reviews)


Test to Production

Allows new version of integration or integrating to new software versions to be tested and deployed when scheduled

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System provide sufficient customization to meet business requirements

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System provide well documented API's that can be used to integrate to 3rd party systems

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System support multiple currencies and languages to enable business in multiple countries

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Performance and Reliability

System is consistently available (uptime) and system's speed is don't impact productivity

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User Segmentation and Security

Allows adminstrators to control access to data/integrations based on user or user type.

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Data Encryption

Provide some level of encryption of data in transit, protecting sensitive data while it lives in the backup application.

(Based on 33 reviews)

Security and Compliance

Abilities to set standards for asset and risk management.

(Based on 33 reviews)


Deduplication, creating synthetic backup files, to reduce file size and eliminate redundant files.

(Based on 29 reviews)