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CustomersFirst Now is a customer delight company focused to provide Customer Experience (CX) consulting.

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What is CFN Insight?

CFN Insight™ is a groundbreaking new Journey Mapping software that effectively provides a company-wide Customer Experience management platform.

With our robust SaaS-based CFN Insight™, you can identify every customer-based touchpoint, assign a business owner who actively manages the metrics and success of their touchpoints. Combined with multiple touchpoint visualizations, analytics, and robust reporting, your business will drive real action and financial results quickly.

Higher Conversions
Companies want to do business with providers who they trust, and who cater to their needs. Focusing on and improving the customer experience is the best way to ensure you become one of those companies.

Reduced Sales Friction
When customers’ needs are understood better, it becomes easier to overcome objections, avoid problems areas, and eventually make the sale. Journey maps are they key to truly understanding customers.

Better Retention
After the initial sale, there are many touchpoints that contribute to the re-purchase decision. Documenting the customer journey, their pain points, and moments of truth will improve your customer retention rates.

Improved ROI
The only way to ensure your investments in marketing, sales, and Customer Experience are maximized is by making your staff accountable for improving every customer touchpoint and tracking these improvements in a journey mapping system.

Smarter Decisions
With dozens of standard and custom reports, and custom views showing summary journey data, you and your executive management can get a clear understanding of what customers value and exactly how and when to make improvements.

Focused Culture
Engaging your colleagues in this customer journey mapping process, giving them ownership, and empowering them with the ability to initiate and make improvements builds a stronger, more focused customer-centric organization.

We’ve seen our Journey Mapping process work astonishingly well to improve customer success, and we anticipate CFN Insight™ will be the centerpiece of every customer-centric company’s CX efforts.

CFN Insight Details Provided by: Anthony S.

CFN Insight Details Provided by: Anthony Sanchez

VP Marketing at CustomersFirst Now, the leading CX Implementation & Journey Mapping Company
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