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ChannelAp is a platform that help store owners automatically update inventory data and move products across sales channels.

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ChannelApe Features

Inventory Management Platform Features
Centralized Inventory Database

Manage and track all inventory records across warehouses and retail locations through a single unified database.

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Inventory Level Dashboards

Maintain a visual on product stock levels throughout your facilities with flexible inventory dashboards.

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Stock History Reporting

View the history of individual items and compare the sales performance of new to old stock in order to inform purchasing decisions.

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Low Stock Notifications

Set low stock thresholds and receive automatic alerts when stock decreases to that level.

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Bundles, Kits, & Variants

Automatically adjust inventory for product bundles, kit orders, and product variations within the system.

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Asset Tracking

Use barcode or radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology with specialized readers or mobile applications to track inventory assets throughout warehouse facilities.

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Inventory Forecasting

Optimize inventory levels with features that suggest reorder points and economic order quantities (EOQs) that facilitate inventory management.

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eCommerce Integrations

Integrate shopping carts, eCommerce platforms, POS, and payment gateways with the system to link inventory records between across platforms.

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Accounting Integrations

Track inventory costs and costs of goods sold (COGS) with accounting software integrations.

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Data Exporting / Importing

Transfer large volumes of inventory data records into and out of the system with built-in import / export tools.

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Optimized Business Operations

Optimizes business operations across multiple channels

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Data Synchronization

Creates a single data repository of inventory and customer information

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Order Fulfillment

Streamlines order fulfillment and processing

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Catalog Management

Optimizes product copy, images, and information

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Product Intelligence

Monitors and updates product/inventory data, pricing, and availability to stay up-to-date

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Regulation Compliance

Ensures product listing and order fulfillment complies with online retail regulation

Multichannel Publishing

Publishes products and services to desired channels

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Accounting Reports

Reconciles orders, sales, and settlements across multiple channels

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Marketplace Integration

Integrates with third-party online marketplaces

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Allows products or services to be sold internationally

Order Management

Automates and manages orders, sales, shipping, and returns

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Scan and Ship

Scans products or services before shipping to ensure accuracy