Kevin M.
    Executive leader, founder, motivating people, optimizing products and services

    Simplified Payment Management

    "The ability to not be confined to a single gateway. The presence of the software across many software platforms, and the service the team behind Chargent brings any time you need their assistance."

    Chris G.
    Senior Developer at Cloud Performer

    Super flexible Payment System for Salesforce

    "The flexibility of the payment architecture is hands down the best on the AppExchange. Because the solution is truly native, it allows for all types of unique solution builds, from workflow to accepting on multiple gateways, so complex receipting and recurring payment possibilities. It really is refreshing to see an AppExchange solution for payment processing be as flexible as Salesforce itself."

    Jenny C.
    SalesForce Consultant

    Solid & Flexible product to manage recurring payments

    "- The ability to be independent of Payment Gateway is a huge benefit. So down the road it is easy to move to a Payment provider with lower fees without having to disrupt existing recurring payments and renewals. This is because Credit Card information is stored fully encrypted in SalesForce, and Chargent passes the information as needed to the Payment Gateway. With other products CC data is..."