Clearscope helps content marketers grow their audience and search traffic by removing the guesswork behind content performance.

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Clearscope Features

Organic Search

Backlink Tools

Provides tools that help you build additional link backs to your site and allow you to understand what your existing links backs are and how they are impacting your SEO


On-Page Analysis

Analyze a URL based on the keywords you are targeting for the page

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Site Audits

Crawls all pages on your site pointing out potential issues search crawlers may have with your site

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Local Marketing

Provides tools to help manage listing in multiple local search engines (Google+ Local, Yelp, Bing Local)

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Keyword Analysis

Helps find the right keywords to target to drive appropriate traffic to your site

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SERP Rank Tracking

Tracks Organic Rank for keywords that you are targeting for a specific URL and provides history reports for multiple Search Engines

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Brand Alerts

Provides reports of when your Brand or Domain is mentioned or linked to from other domains


Social Analytics

Provides tools that analyze social mentions and link backs relative to SEO


Competitive Comparisons

Enables side by side comparisons on how you are doing vs competitors for key metrics such as back links, SERP Results, Domain Strength, etc.

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Website Analytics Integration

Integrates Google Analytics, WebMaster tools, etc

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Contact Collection

Gives users the ability to subscribe to unique content or otherwise share contact information.


Audience Insights

Helps users understand audience demographics and evaluate visitor behavior


Social Sharing

Adds intelligent social share buttons to your campaigns and content. Tracks who is sharing your content and driving conversions.




Allows orgainizations multi-national organizations to use tool effectively accross multiple languages and currencies

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User, Role, and Access Management

Grant access to select data, features, objects, etc. based on the users, user role, groups, etc.

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Performance and Reliability

Software is consistently available (uptime) and allows users to complete tasks quickly because they are not waiting for the software to respond to an action they took.

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Reporting and Dashboards

Access pre-built and custom reports and dashboards.

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Mobile User Support

Allows software to be easily used on multiple mobile devices include phone and tablet devices.



Entry and Exit Pages

Accurately determine your websites most common entry and exit points, while displaying data elegantly.



Accurately measure total web traffic and display data logically.

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Configure and accurately measure an appropriate measure of engagement, such as average session length, page views per session, amount of scrolling, etc.

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Track user return rates and related metrics.



Track what proportion of users convert to customers via specific actions.


Search Rank

Gives users accurate reflection of how their search ratings compare with competitors.

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