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ClicData will help you master the metrics of your operations, sales productivity, campaigns, ROI and KPI with actionable information that puts you ahead and accelerates your success. Under the hood of our intuitive, dynamic dashboards is a technological engine originally designed for massive, complex data systems.

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ClicData Details Provided by: Telmo S.

ClicData Details Provided by: Telmo Silva

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About ClicData

ClicData is an intuitive, easy to use cloud-based Business Intelligence solution to make performance tracking easy through dashboards.

ClicData wants to enable every company owner, department manager or data analyst to become the master of their own data by creating appealing and meaningful dashboards as well as giving them the opportunity to share their work easily.

If you are a manager, share your dashboards to your colleagues through ClicData Mobile in just a few clicks so they get access to the latest sales reports, warehouse dashboards and much more.

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