With Cloudingo, you can connect, scan and dedupe your entire database in no time.

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What is Cloudingo?

Cloudingo solves the biggest problem with Salesforce data: duplicate records. What’s unique about Cloudingo is its ability to comb through Salesforce to find duplicated records while giving you the most flexibility and control, with the least headaches of any deduplication tool on the market. And while removing duplicates is at the core of what Cloudingo does, there’s a lot more to data cleansing. Developed with user feedback in mind, it’s no wonder Cloudingo is a favorite app among Salesforce users.

With Cloudingo you can:

- Remove duplicates in Salesforce or from imports files
- Build an unlimited number of filters using various matching styles
- Merge duplicates manually, in bulk, or automatically
- Update and delete records
- Clean lists before records reach Salesforce by matching import records with existing Salesforce records to ensure no duplicates enter your data and existing records get updated
- Validate mailing addresses and add geocodes
- Schedule Cloudingo to run in the background, searching for a merging duplicates
- Monitor your progress with sharable reports and audit activity
- Integrate other systems with Cloudingo via API integrations
- Create multiple permission-based user logins for added security and auditing
- Dedupe Marketo records and keep Salesforce and Marketo synched and aligned

Try Cloudingo free for 10 days, and within minutes you’ll see how many duplicate records exist in your org.

Cloudingo Details Provided by: Courtney S.

Cloudingo Details Provided by: Courtney Schexnayder


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