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COMPASS® Quality Management System

COMPASS® Quality Management System

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COMPASS® Quality Management System is a project portfolio management system that manages an organization's quality and performance improvement activity.

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What is COMPASS® Quality Management System?

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5-minute demonstration of the COMPASS® Quality Management System

COMPASS® Quality Management System Details Provided by: Ian R. L.

COMPASS® Quality Management System Details Provided by: Ian R. Lazarus

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About COMPASS® Quality Management System

For a 5-minute demonstration of COMPASS, go to

COMPASS is a project portfolio management system that collects and ranks ideas, allows management to engage in feedback with employees to improve ideas, rescore ideas, and approve ideas. Once ideas become projects, COMPASS will guide the end user with just-in-time tools and training. Tools are extensive and include descriptive and inferential statistics in addition to simple brainstorming tools. Training is derived from the ASQ Lean Body of Knowledge. COMPASS will always recommend the best tools and best training based on the status of the project. Reporting is extensive and includes the ability to send alerts to staff based on projects approaching milestones, running behind, or missing data. COMPASS also includes full integration with SharePoint including single sign on, for purposes of indexing work and accommodating a variety of file formats. Finally, COMPASS promotes collaboration by sending project updates automatically to all stakeholders. Finish more projects, finish more projects faster and finish projects with greater returns with the COMPASS Quality Management System.

COMPASS was recognized by CIO Magazine as one of the "Top Quality Management Systems" of 2017 and 2018.

How do you position yourself against your competitors?

No other product is as comprehensive in the PPM space as COMPASS. Key differentiators include:

(1) Only product to incorporate both tools AND training
(2) Tools are simpler but more robust than Minitab, the industry standard for statistical analysis
(3) Only product with full integration and single sign-on with SharePoint
(4) Licensees can recover investment cost by eliminating investments in redundant tools including online training, statistical analysis, project management and process mapping. COMPASS contains all these features in one package

A 5-minute demonstration of COMPASS is available at

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