Nicolas B.
    Nicolas B.
    Project Manager at Hudson River HealthCare, Inc. (HRHCare)

    Easy and straight forward tool

    "Easy to use and all the necessary information is available in one click. "

    Riley J.
    Riley J.
    Quality Improvement and Education Assistant

    The system offers several tools one can use to improve their quality indicators.

    "I like the pacing of the Compass tool Modules. "

    Guenter B.
    Guenter B.
    Information Technology and Services Professional

    Well developed application with excellent learning resources

    "The tools and video provided in Compass are easy to use and very helpful in managing an improvement project."

    Rene N.
    Rene N.
    Chief Compliance Officer at Emergence Health Network

    COMPASS system has greatly impacted the quality and work culture

    "I particularly love the tools contained in each phase of the DMAIC components, online trainings, centralized reporting and the process mapping is such a valuable feature. Easy to use regardless of experience levels with COMPASS and PI work. "

    Charlene M.

    Great interactive tools that are ready during process improvement work sessions.

    "During a process improvement work session, it is easy to sign into this web-based program and pull up a tool and begin entering the information. This decreases the need to go back after the session and enter the information. The whole team gets to see the work being done in real-time and participate. "

    Doug S.
    Doug S.
    Chief Clinical Officer at El Rio Health Center

    Chief Clinical Officer

    "Continuous quality improvement is at the very core of innovation in the delivery of primary health care. Compass allows an integrated platform to capture disruptive innovation ideas, prioritize them and in a transparent manner drive accountability in the ongoing management of launched projects."

    Dr O.
    MD/CEO at Lily Hospitals

    Very good in QI project management. Support is very good. Product has continuously been improved.

    "Learning opportunity from other institutions/compass clients who have undertaken similar QI projects. This in itself provides an opportunity for improvement in project design and outcomes."

    Curt S.
    Curt S.
    Anesthesiologist at Abbotsford Regional Hospital

    Initial Impressions - Great Product

    "We are just getting started with COMPASS and are finding the ability to customize the processes and flows for our particular needs to be very good. A major strength of the product is our ability to specify how we are managing our projects and have the program help us do so -- our way."

    Raymond S.
    Director, Clinical Decision Support at Grady Health System

    COMPASS is a prerequisite toolset for ongoing quality improvement efforts in healthcare.

    "The Quality Management System is designed to be user-friendly while containing key elements that administrators require for a robust healthcare organization. It also allows customization that institutions such as ours finds useful given how safety net organizations operate in the industry. "

    Cynthia M.

    The COMPASS Quality Management System is the cornerstone to any performance improvement project.

    "The system is straight forward, simple to use, and provides a step by step guide for the chosen performance improvement methodology. The "Lean Training Guide" and "Tools" are a definite bonus for all COMPASS Quality Management System users. On a regular basis, COMPASS provides clinics, which assist users in how to best utilize the tools within the system. The experience behind each team..."

    Carlos O.

    This program is excellent and help our organization to complete a lot of projects

    "It is friendly and easy to use for any staff member at any level. This product has help us a manager to make really good changes in our organization to increased productivity, patient and staff satisfaction."