Cortex - Application Development Studio

Cortex - Application Development Studio

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Cortex is an application development studio, specialized in multi-platform development.

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What is Cortex - Application Development Studio?

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We are a full-service web & mobile application development studio building innovative technologies and app software solutions to transform your business. We excel with High-tech projects whether it's AR, VR, Speech Recognition or an App, we will stay true to your vision and provide a value added experience to your end-users.

Cortex - Application Development Studio Details Provided by: Jean-Michel Lebeau C.

Cortex - Application Development Studio Details Provided by: Jean-Michel Lebeau CEO

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About Cortex - Application Development Studio

Cortex develops and designs high-end mobile, web & hybrid applications for some of the biggest companies in the world. Our focus is to provide value-added experiences & solutions to our clients and their customers. We redefine ourselves and our processes constantly in order to provide unique results achieving objectives that our clients thrive to attain.

We explore all emerging technologies and combine those with the core of Cortex :

LOVE of our work, our partners and our people, as the care we provide those shows into the very DNA of every one of our projects.

COURAGE to step up for our opinions and ideas, courage to be honest in all circumstances, to admit our mistakes and let them help us grow.

EXCELLENCE, as we have learned that excellence is way more than just an act; it’s a habit we work on getting into daily.

FUN, because a happy team is a productive one. Life is short, let’s have fun.
Anything worth doing, is worth doing well. That’s why we take so much PRIDE in all that we do, by making every detail count.

How do you position yourself against your competitors?

Cortex differentiates itself by providing expert knowledge and development services in the newest technologies. We try our hand at everything we can and we never fail to amaze. Our efficiency is incomparable and we don't stop a project until it has attained the peak of its potential.

We provide value-added experiences to your end users by harnessing the power of all the latest technological breakthroughs.

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