CostX is a 3D/BIM and 2D estimating solution that allows you to manage Workbooks, subcontractor comparison, with paperless estimating, auto-revisioning, network capability and more.

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What is CostX?

CostX® is used by many different quantity surveying, commercial/residential construction and subcontracting firms around the world because of its superior electronic takeoff capabilities and integrated workbook. Some of the main features of CostX® include:

• Measuring counts, lengths and areas with a single click
• Supports scanned, PDF and CAD drawings, and also 3D BIM models.
• Compare drawings and highlight the changes to identify drawing variations
• Live-linked workbooks that can be taken down to ten levels
• Ability to hide or show different drawing layers depending on what you wish to work on
• Ability to create unlimited rate libraries
• Subcontractor comparison/ Bid Day workbook

In addition, we have a range of products designed to suit all needs and budgets.

CostX Details Provided by: Tracy W.

CostX Details Provided by: Tracy Woodland

Marketing Manager at Exactal
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