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Crazy Egg pricing & plans
Basic $9 /month (paid annually) 10,000 Visits per month, 10 Active pages, Daily reports
Standard $19 /month (paid annually) 25,000 Visits per month, 20 Active pages, Daily reports
Plus $49 /month (paid annually) 100,000 Visits per month, 50 Active pages, Hourly reports
Pro $99 /month (paid annually) 250,000 Visits per month, 100 Active pages, Hourly reports
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Crazy Egg Features

  • Conversion Opportunities
  • Side-By-Side Analysis
  • Mobile Device Analysis
  • Data Quantification
  • Webpage Element Analysis
  • Heat Maps

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Average: 8.3*
Quality of Support
Average: 8.6*
Ease of Setup
Average: 8.5*
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