Data2CRM.Migration is an online service that provides an opportunity to migrate CRM data (users, leads, accounts, opportunities, etc.) from the current CRM platform to the desired one accurately and securely.

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What is Data2CRM.Migration?

An automated migration service across CRM systems. Data2CRM.Migration offers two options of CRM Data Migration:
1) Automated CRM Migration.
You can set up the fields mapping and data import on your own. Try a free Demo Migration to check the service in action and launch a CRM data transfer in an automated way.

2) Personal Aphroach.
We will take into consideration your requests and recommendations. Besides, you will get the personal account manager who can answer all questions concerning CRM data migration.

Data2CRM Benefits
- Intuitive Interface
Just like 1-2-3. Specify the access credentials of the current and future CRM systems, map the fields, run the migration. The transfer is easy to perform with a few mouse clicks.

- Data Mapping and Custom Fields Migration
Map the fields of your current and future CRM systems in accordance to your business needs.

- Free Demo Migration
The SaaS provides an opportunity to check the process in action. The service migrates the limited amount of items together with relations between the records.

- Convenient Users Mapping
The service offers you to choose a future CRM user to assign the records of
the existing CRM user.

Data2CRM.Migration Details Provided by: Ivan K.

Data2CRM.Migration Details Provided by: Ivan Karp

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