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DATABASICS Expense delivers on your most demanding requirements. At the same time, it minimizes your employees’ effort and works great across the spectrum of smart, mobile devices. The pay-off? An end to frustration, excessive cost and opaque processes.

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Keep it simple or meet requirements? With DATABASICS you can do both. End-users have it easy. DATABASICS is designed to shield them from accounting complexities. So, between OCR-based auto-scanning of receipts and credit card imports, there isn’t much left to do. Accounting is fully empowered and backed by DATABASICS’ award-winning support. DATABASICS’ expense management capabilities are adaptable to virtually every circumstance—from globalizations to project specific travel rules. Of course we’re mobile and cloud-based. Whenever you are ready, let us know how we can help.

For over 20 years DATABASICS Expense has been helping industry leaders. Give us a call today!

DATABASICS Expense Details Provided by: Jennifer D.

DATABASICS Expense Details Provided by: Jennifer Duncan

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Too many expense vendors force the customer into having to pick between ease of use or meeting requirements. DATABASICS prides itself on deploying solutions that meet the needs of the accounting team while also making the users happy! Our 20 years of experience and fine tuning of our solutions gives our clients the luxury of a proven platform that is fast and simple for expense entry and yet can enforce and automate all the controls needed by the organization.

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