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Use the most popular data loader for Salesforce to quickly and securely import, export and delete unlimited amounts of data for your enterprise. Get started quickly with our simple, 100% cloud solution.

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Admin Tools
Visual Designer

Provides tool to set up integrations and adminster integrations using visual inteface with out coding

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Data Transformations

Provides standard tools and functions to convert data values from the data format of a source system into the data format of a destination system

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Breadth of Connectors

Supports wide variety of connectors across SaaS, Enterprise, Big Data, Mainframe, Files

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Quality of Connectors

Predefined "standard" connectors can be used without signficant modifications

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Build advanced business processes and workflows

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User Community

Has user community that openly shares learnings and knowledge amongst each other

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Run Time Capability
Real-Time Integration

Supports event or transaction based integrations that react to changes in real-time

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Parallel Processing

Simultaneous uses more than one CPU or processor core to execute large jobs faster during off hours.

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Data Chunker

Splits the source data into multiple chunks so that processing time can be improved

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Data Masking

Ability to de-identify fields to protect sensitive data

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Proactive Monitoring

Identifies opportunities or threats with data quality or data governace and sends alerts messages

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Integration Options
Big Data Processing

Provides integration to BigData sources such as Hadoop and other NoSQL sources (MongoDB, Cassandra and HBase)

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Data Virtualization

Integrates data from disparate sources, without physical data movement

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Data Lifecycle Management

Provides tools to manage the flow of data throughout its life cycle: from creation and initial storage to obsolescence and deletion

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Master Data Management

Supports managing master data by removing duplicates, standardizing data in mass, using rules, etc to eliminate incorrect data from entering the system.

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Hierarchical Data

Ability to process hierarchical data, like JSON, XML, HIPAA etc?.

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Managed File Transfers

Provides one or more methods to securely transfer data from one location to another through a network

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Asynchronous Messaging

Ability to place a message in a message queue and does not need to wait for a reply to continue processing

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Test to Production

Allows new version of integration or integrating to new software versions to be tested and deployed when scheduled

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System provide sufficient customization to meet business requirements

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System provide well documented API's that can be used to integrate to 3rd party systems

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System support multiple currencies and languages to enable business in multiple countries

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Performance and Reliability

System is consistently available (uptime) and system's speed is don't impact productivity

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User Segmentation and Security

Allows adminstrators to control access to data/integrations based on user or user type.

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