DemandJump™ Traffic Cloud

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DemandJump’s™ customer acquisition platform enables marketers to find and target new customers with precision by locating qualified traffic three steps before they reach you and more importantly, your competitors, across channels.

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DemandJump™ Traffic Cloud Features

Return on Investment (ROI)

Monitors and tracks the results of marketing campaigns

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Cross-Functional Access

Allows multiple users access to a unified, transparent overview of analytics, dashboards, and campaign results

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Data Collection

Gathers data about the effectiveness, impact, and reach of marketing campaigns

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Customer Retention

Collects insight into customer preferences

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Campaign Activity
Campaign Insights

Analyze past and existing marketing campaigns to inform future strategy

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Reports and Dashboards

Creates reports and dashboards to analyze results of campaigns

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Campaign Stickiness

Identifies which marketing campaigns resolved in open or closed opportunities

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Brand Optimization

Provides opportunities for brands and businesses to fix or modify existing or future campaigns via feedback

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Multichannel Tracking

Collects marketing campaign performance data across multiple channels

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