Rob M.
    Director of Inside Sales at Simplus (Leading Salesforce.com Consulting and Implementation Firm)

    Best Dialer for SFDC

    "Call through anything you can put in a SFDC report that has the object ID and a phone #. The call recording, local area ode spoofing, real time priority queue and tons of other great benefits. Has increased my teams productivity at the 3 companies I used it dramatically."

    Eric W.
    Software Development | Technical Operations | SalesForce.Com Developer

    Truly Native SFDC Dialer

    "The fact that their dialer is 100% native to SFDC, built for SFDC, and all their employees are certified SFDC Admins. It seems, everyone is saying their tool or App is 'native' to SFDC these days, but that only DialSource takes it further & actually puts meaning to 'native' instead of it being a buzz word their sales & marketing team uses. There are a lot of moving parts in our tech..."


    Dialsource exceeding my high expectations.

    "The people at Dialsource are not only great people but highly gifted technologically. They know Salesforce inside and out and can help me with any configuration. I make jokes about their customer support that you can 't submit a request and go get a cup of coffee because your phone will be ringing with tech support before you get back! My salesman, Kevin, wasn't pushy and, unlike some..."