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Dinerware POS

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Dinerware POS is Dinerwares core restaurant and hospitality operations offering. It is flexible in design and can easily be set up to support a broad variety of restaurant concepts and workflows.

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Dinerware POS Features


Menu Building

Creating a menu within the platform for servers to input orders or for online ordering.

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Inventory Management

Tools to track restaurant inventory in order to make accurate purchasing decisions and avoid spoilage.

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Employee Scheduling

Tools to create work schedules for your employees.

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Tracking revenue and expenses within the platform.

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Reporting & Analytics

Reporting and analytics on a variety of data and metrics.

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Loyalty Management

The ability to create a loyalty program to offer coupons or discounts to frequent customers or to lure back infrequent customers.

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Credit Card Payments

Accepts all forms of credit cards

(Based on 7 reviews)

Partial Payments

Offers the option to pay a specific portion of the bill

(Based on 7 reviews)

Split Payments

Allows to use multiple forms or combinations of payment types

(Based on 7 reviews)


Offers option to deduct money from a tab at a percentage or specific number

(Based on 8 reviews)

Voided/Refunded Payments

Facilitates the cancellation and/or reimburse a payment

(Based on 7 reviews)

Store Credit Allocation

Provides credit to the store instead of a reimbursement

Not enough data available

Tip Adjustments

Offers servers the power to adjust gratuity based on customer preference

(Based on 6 reviews)

Offline Payments

Takes payments without internet

Not enough data available

Multidevice Payment Acceptance

Takes payments on a PC, tablet, smart phone, or other mobile device

(Based on 5 reviews)

Next Day Deposits

Transfers funds to a desired account the day after payment

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Meal Service

Payment Gateway

The ability to proces credit card payments within the platform.

Not enough data available

Table Management

The ability to see all the tables in a restaurant, their availability, and the status of their orders.

Not enough data available

Check Adjustment

Adjusting or splitting checks to reflect discounts or refunds.

Not enough data available

Kitchen Tickets

The ability to send order tickets to the kitchen to either be printed or appear on a screen.

Not enough data available

Takeout & Delivery

Tools to help create an online ordering service for delivery and takeout.

Not enough data available

Employee Management

Employee Accounts

Provides servers or employees with personal accounts to login to the system

(Based on 6 reviews)


Ensures limited access based on employee accounts and assigned permissions

(Based on 5 reviews)

Commission Tracking

Records sales performed by specific employees for proper commission allocation

Not enough data available

Tab Allocation

Assigns bills to the correct server and the ability to reassign if necessary

(Based on 5 reviews)

Log/Shift Notes

Allows employees to record notes regarding customers interactions

Not enough data available

Staff Scheduling

Provides a tool to schedule employees' shifts

Not enough data available

Floor Plans

Assigns servers to specific seating areas or employees to sections of a store

(Based on 6 reviews)

Customer Management

Loyalty Membership

Provides regular customers with the option to join a store membership

Not enough data available

Customer Profiles

Tracks customer information for easier interactions with repeat customers

Not enough data available

Credit Card Filing

Stores credit card numbers locally for ease of interaction with customers

Not enough data available

Inventory Management

Track Inventory

Keeps record of inventory in the system

Not enough data available

Inventory Notifications

Receives notifications when stock for a particular product is low or empty

Not enough data available

Product Organization

Easily organizes categories of products or items in the system

Not enough data available

Multilocation Inventory Tracking

Keeps record of inventory across multiple locations

Not enough data available


Accounting Integrations

Easily integrates with accounting software

Not enough data available

Inventory Management Integrations

Easily integrates with inventory management software

Not enough data available

E-Commerce Integrations

Easily integrates with e-commerce software

Not enough data available


Sales Tracking

Records sales for overall reporting and analytics

(Based on 6 reviews)

Guest Counts

Tracks number of guests or customers

(Based on 5 reviews)

End of Day Reports

Receives reports each day highlighting sales, inventory, number of customers, etc.

(Based on 7 reviews)