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Distil Networks

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Distil Networks is the first easy and accurate way to defend websites against malicious bots.

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What is Distil Networks?

Distil Networks protects your website from fraud, brute force attacks, web scraping, account hijacking, unauthorized vulnerability scans, spam, man-in-the-middle attacks, and click fraud. Slash the high tax that bots place on your internal teams and web infrastructure by outsourcing the problem to the team with a maniacal focus on blocking malicious bots.

:: Harden your website security by eliminating malicious bots

:: Protect data from web scrapers, unauthorized aggregators and competitors

:: Increase insight and control over human, good bot and bad bot traffic

:: Deploy on the Distil Cloud CDN or Distil Appliance (Physical | Virtual | AWS)

Distil’s self-optimizing protection blocks 99.9% of malicious bots without impacting legitimate users -- eliminating the manual IP blocking that IT teams used to do.

Distil Networks Details Provided by: Elias T.

Distil Networks Details Provided by: Elias Terman

VP Marketing at Distil Networks - Machine Learning IT Security Platform to Protect Web, SaaS, Mobile Apps & APIs
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