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The Dixa iPhone app is for customer service agents on the move. The app is free and requires a Dixa account to work.

Dixa is a simple & affordable cloud-based customer service platform that runs in your browser and on your phone.

Main features of the app include:
- Answer incoming live chat messages
- Answer contact forms
- Answer emails
- Compose & send emails
- Get notified when new conversations are offered
- Add notes & tags to conversations
- Set your presence for each channel
- See team members’ presence and availability
- View all conversations & apply filters
- See conversation status & detailed info
- View all contacts (users & companies)
- See contact information
- Automatically stores data in the cloud
- Accesses same information as browser version for 100% data sync

Note that activating simultaneous ringing will allow you to answer phone calls on your phone as well as the other channels listed above (note, however, that simultaneous ringing currently needs to be set up in the browser version of Dixa).

Dixa will continually expand the functionality of the app to bring you as close to your customers as possible. In other words, we’re still improving and adding features and therefore feedback is very welcome.

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