<span>Erol T.</span>
    Erol T.
    Founder @ Truly.co | Ex-InviteMedia (acq'd by Google)

    Dead simple, super powerful

    "It's super easy to use - both for my team and for our buyers. It sits in the inbox so the team always has the latest sales content on-hand, and the viewing experience makes us put our best foot forward with our prospects."

    <span>Daniel S.</span>
    Daniel S.
    Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Tenfold - The Leader in Conversational Intelligence

    The best solution we have found in this space!!!

    "Initially we were interested in DocSend to help provide version control across our sales organization (~55 people) to ensure we were all sharing the latest and greatest. While DocSend certainly helped us accomplish this, the deep and configurable integration with Salesforce and incredibly in-depth viewing analytics have helped our teams move deals faster through the sales cycle and optimize on..."

    <span>Nathan Z.</span>
    Nathan Z.
    Sales Engineer at Mixpanel

    Useful and easy to use

    "My favorite part about DocSend are the per page analytics I can see for people viewing my documents. I also find the Chrome Extension very useful to share documents on the fly."