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Drawingmanager, a simple and low cost software specially designed to find and manage Solid Edge files within seconds. Drawingmanager is easy to install, easy to use, it requires virtually no support, no complex client-server installations, and no special training.

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What is Drawingmanager?

Drawingmanager is designed to find and manage Solid Edge files. It’s easy to install and easy to use. Drawingmanager automatically at set intervals, for instance 5 minutes, imports and updates the content of the saved Solid Edge file properties and custom defined properties. Using the extensive search capabilities files can quickly be found and opened or inserted in Solid Edge or opened in Revision Manager. Drawingmanager does not require a dedicated server with server client relations.

Drawingmanager can be used in a multi-user environment. Drawingmanager can also be used with the free Solid Edge Viewer. For example if files need to be viewed or printed at other departments, such as Purchasing, Production and Warehousing.

Different Drawingmanager libraries can be used for different departments, e.g. one for Engineering and another for Production holding only parts and assemblies that have been released for manufacturing.

Features include:
• Easy file management
• Auto import and synchronization of Solid Edge files
• Preview of each file
• Extensive search capabilities
• Save data field modifications to Solid Edge file
• Save searches
• Open file directly in Solid Edge or Revision Manager
• Compact view
• Insert parts in assemblies (grounded relationship)
• Drag-and-drop parts in assemblies (apply relationships)
• Print and batch print drawings
• Standard and Custom Reports
• Drawingmanager and free Solid Edge Viewer for viewing and printing drawings

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Drawingmanager Details Provided by: Auke Van Abbema

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