Dude Solutions Capital Forecasting

Dude Solutions Capital Forecasting

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Not only does Dude Solutions provide a cloud-based CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) built specifically for capital forecasting, but we also offer you best practices for how to get the most out of your assets, equipment life cycle and more. Discover new methods and models for forecasting that equate to more time and money saved at your organization.

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What is Dude Solutions Capital Forecasting?

Dude Solutions Capital Forecasting helps you predict and prioritize asset maintenance based on accurate lifecycle information and best practices. Our solution helps you anticipate major expenditures, prevent financial surprises and have the confidence to ask for resources with data at your fingertips.

Capital Forecasting is a cloud-based budget projection solution developed to create an accurate list of future maintenance needs. Users can accurately allocate resources for future work orders up to 30 years in advance by inputting information on existing asset lifecycles, facility condition assessments (FCAs) and work order history. This data is used to generate reports for key stakeholders to prove the value of work and the need for funding.

Dude Solutions Capital Forecasting Details Provided by: Brian M.

Dude Solutions Capital Forecasting Details Provided by: Brian McDonald

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Powered by the world's smartest operations engine of 18+ years of operations data, our Capital
Forecasting solution is both easy-to- use and robust enough to make a difference in your daily
operations, long-term planning and overall operational efficiency. Join our growing community
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