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Echo comprises a set of tools that can plug into any learning environments and empowers the instructor to monitor, assess and intervene in real time.

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Time To Know's Echo is a rich, interactive, insight-driven, social learning environment to drive effective learning and deliver results. T2K|Echo is the perfect combination of in-person instruction and cutting-edge digital learning technology, enabling the highest success rates for the learner and instructor, allowing for diverse types of content importation and enrichment. T2K|Echo instantly and easily turn your flat content into a live, active and engaging learning experience.

The repository management tool enables you to find the right content with less of a pain so instructors and learners can focus on the learning process. Ideal tool for small business without an LMS.

Learn from every click and get actionable insights about how your learners are progressing and preforming. Gain comprehension reports for just-in-time intervention and decision making.

Receive real-time alerts on learner progress and performance. Find out where your learners are struggling and assist them to stay on track and ensure their success.

Stay on top of the learning process by receiving a 360-degree view of data analytics. Get visual, specific item reports of learner and content interaction tracking.

Echo Details Provided by: Contessa (Tess) O.

Echo Details Provided by: Contessa (Tess) Orlev

Director of Content, International Journalist
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Chinese, English, Hebrew, Portuguese

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