1. Terry S.

    Founder BuzzPro | Digital Sales & Marketing Leader | Social Selling Strategist | LinkedIn Trainer | Keynote Speaker

    eClincher will allow you to be more effective with your time & provide greater value to your clients

    "Customer support is super important to me when making a buying decision. When I first considered purchasing eClincher, I reached out via chat on a Saturday afternoon to ask some technical questions and immediate got the needed answers. Turns out I got help from Tal Mikaelovich, Co-Founder and CTO of eClincher. He was amazingly helpful, and I loved his passion for helping me. I signed up on the..."
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  2. Lori M.

    Account Manager & Social Media Specialist. Work hard, love life, and be awesome!

    eClincher should be your social media management platform PERIOD!

    "This platform is incredibly robust. It is hard to pick just one feature that I love. The ability to store and use hashtags, the photo gallery per profile, multiple scheduling dates and times options (even same day), the value for the price...so much more. Because the price allows for more users, I can have my whole team join the platform."
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  3. Danny R.

    Marketing at WebMatrix360 LLC

    Customer Service is second to non

    "I really like working with this company. I sent a support questions, and less than 5 minutes later they are calling me to help answer my questions. I find their pricing very fair for what the competitors charge for less features."
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  4. Arlenys P.


    Amazed on how easy it is to use!

    "I was looking for a tool that would allow me to schedule an unlimited amount of posts and give me that freedom. A lot of the other providers like Buffer and Hootsuite limit the posts I can store on their library. I was relieved to find that eClincher has several plans with unlimited posts, and it has made my life soooo much easier. "
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  5. Vanessa N.

    Community Manager en GCF Rental Cars

    Wonderful Application

    "I love that I can save multiple queues and publish all of my content automatically. I also really love the social inbox feature that allows me to reply to every single DM, Tweet, comment, re-tweet, new follower in one place, instead of having to log in to each social network separately."
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  6. Mario S.

    Gerente de marketing en Soluciones Apetoi C.A.

    Awesome app!

    "What I like the most about eClincher is that it’s a comprehensive all-in-one solution for all aspects of my content marketing. I use it to schedule content, to publish it, to edit it, to add images, to find influencers that could promote. Literally everything! "
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  7. Luis Daniel F.

    Virtual Assistant

    I like this app!

    "I have been using other apps like Buffer and Hootsuite, but it just wasn't enoug. With eClincher I have everything I need in one place. easy to use , easy to post ,use buffer in past, which is easy posting, but eclincher give most and best for posting."
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  8. Veronica S.

    Student at Universidad Católica Andrés Bello

    It is an excellent application!

    "A major point of eClincher is the fact that I can publish and schedule to Facebook pages and profiles, Google+ pages, LinkedIn profiles, pages and groups, Pinterest and Twitter. That is to say, eClincher supports more networks than any other social media management tool!"
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  9. Bill N.

    The Right Social Media Tool for all My Needs

    "I run a social media marketing business, and I need to access all my client accounts in one dashboard. eClincher does just that. Plus individual clients are separated, with all their social media channels grouped under client name. What I love the most though is eClincher's social inbox, here I receive instantaneous responses for all my client accounts, enabling me to respond accordingly,..."
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  10. Dulce R.

    Certified VA in Valatam at Valatam


    "I'm still new to eClincher, but I can say that this is the best tool to manage social media so far. I tried HootSuite and Buffer before but I felt I was not doing my best job. The best part about eClincher is the unlimited amount of post I can schedule in advance. The canvas feature is also helpful, I can even create the images directly on the platform. I still have a lot to learn, but I can..."
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  11. Gabriel B.

    General Manager´s Assistant and Bilingual Virtual Assistant en Valatam

    Best Social Media Management Tool

    "I used to use so many apps to manage my social media, eClincher came in the right time! I was about to go crazy. Now I can get work done so much faster and it helps me be more organized. I have been using other apps like Buffer and Hootsuite, but it just wasn't enoug. With eClincher I have everything I need in one place."
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  12. Fernando G.

    Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, Web Developer, Expert in E-learning and BPM Enthusiast.

    Is an excellent tool

    "Great app to post, engage and measure the impact of your social media strategy in a single location. What I like the best is the inbox feature; you can see all your direct messages, comments, shares and mentions across your entire social media platform and you can filter it so you only see what you’re interested in. Other features that are very helpful and unique are the analytics feature and..."
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  13. Miguel R.

    Especialista en marketing digital en 786.Marketing Agency Corp

    It is the best application

    "With eClincher I can connect with my colleagues everytime .It is super easy and simple to use, With eClincher I have improved my productivity and that is something really important to me."
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  14. Madeleine P.

    Community Manager en 786.Marketing Agency Corp

    eClincher is the best tool when it comes to social media management!

    "What I really like of eClincher is that it allows me to publish posts to different major social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn in just one place. it is indeed a very helpful tool! "
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  15. Francpiero B.

    Community Manager en Ciudad Konecta

    This app Is The Best!

    " eClincher has been a Godsend. I have been using a whole bunch of different tools to automate my social media. I used Buffer for specific posts, then Hootsuite when I reached Buffer’s limit, then had another tool for influencers, and another one for finding content. Now with eClincher I can have all of the functionality in one place. It’s truly incredible. eClincher is a gem, I’m surprised not..."
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  16. Anderson G.

    Community Manager en Virtuosa

    This is a very usefull application!

    "For me is important to know the effectiveness of my efforts when it comes to social media, with eClincher I can know that my efforts are paying off by analyzing how many people visited my website. And it is awesome since it can guide me to the right path!"
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