Taylor P.
    To Inspire and Empower Everything Within Reach Online and Offline... Welcome to the Adventure!

    Very Impressed with Services, Features and Support Team

    "I like that their service, packages and customer support is transparent, concise, and clear the first time I encountered their website, and the second encounter offline. "

    Ryan C.

    The Swiss Army Knife of Social Media

    "Besides the obvious, like posting and scheduling social channels, you can also preview the post, send it into an internal/external approval (with a client or team commenting) and then, once approved, it auto-populates on your calendar and posts as "approved" and ready to roll. Additionally, you can then find any comments, likes, and shares and react from there. I've looked at probably 20 or so..."

    Lori M.
    Account Manager & Social Media Specialist. Work hard, love life, and be awesome!

    eClincher should be your social media management platform PERIOD!

    "This platform is incredibly robust. It is hard to pick just one feature that I love. The ability to store and use hashtags, the photo gallery per profile, multiple scheduling dates and times options (even same day), the value for the much more. Because the price allows for more users, I can have my whole team join the platform."

    Sarah T.
    Owner of Taylor Media Promotions, Advertising, Marketing, Branding, Social Media BNI Ambassador, Barrie Chamber Director

    Clean, easy to use with all the Tools needed!

    "I discovered eClincher and tried the FREE trial and was immediately impressed! The platform is clean, easy to use. They have videos available and free demonstrations. I would highly recommend to any company to use this platform over the others. "

    Courtney C.
    Social Media and Marketing Specialist at Golden Nugget Las Vegas

    Ease of eClincher

    "I have used a few social media scheduling platforms and so far eClincher is my favorite. This is because eClincher not only allows for social media scheduling but it also allows for engagement. It is great to not have to log in to individual accounts every time I need to check notifications. I am able to log in and use the drop-down menu to look at all of my clients at once and jump from inbox..."

    Alexandre P.
    Owner na XLdesign

    Simply the best in the market.

    "It's the most comprehensive social media manager in the market, and has a fast and professional support. They have lots of tutorials and weekly live demos."

    Antonio C.
    Senior Community Manager at DeNA

    Simple and Clean

    "eClincher does the basic job I need it to with nice bonus features like suggested content and influencer monitoring."