Great Platform for Managing Content!

    "Very simple layout and is easy to use. The platform is very flexible and there are tons of ways to organize content. The platform also includes a chart that shows account and content activity, which is very useful for business teams. "


    Enablix is a step in the right direction when it comes to having your content at your finger tips.

    "That my data resides in gdrive but is far easier to find and distribute. The integration with Salesforce is a game changer as it truly brings the data to your finger tips. "

    Content management built with product people in mind

    "The best part of Enablix is its unique approach to organizing and classifying the content. They have these set of dimensions, content types, and tags which I can use to sort the collateral as I store them. The set of seeded values they have created for us as dimensions, content types, and tags suit a software product organization very well. This approach makes it easy to retrieve the..."

    Jess L.
    Field Marketing Manager, Digital Mortgage at eOriginal

    Enablix Provides a One-Stop-Shop for Our Sales Team to Access Key Materials

    "Enablix has significantly reduced the number of requests from our sales team to marketing for the location of collateral and most recent version. It has also enabled us to create sales playbooks, which are a fantastic sales enablement tool. "

    Eduardo U.

    Sales enablement + Marketing/Sales collaboration made easy

    "1. Enablix's simple user interface makes it easy to navigate through assets, collaborate between members of our team and share assets with prospects 2. The ability to have a centralized repository for virtually all asset types a sales/marketing practice needs - presentations, word docs, videos, blog posts, email templates, photo assets, etc. 3. Being able to assign multiple dynamic "tags" to..."

    John B.

    Enablix is our go-to knowledge management platform

    "The Enablix interface is clean and makes browsing and searching very easy. The tagging system saves time by grouping like content together to make it easily accessible. There's a lot of flexibility in terms of naming our own content categories. The Insights area makes it super easy to view summaries of all activity, coverage and user engagement, and it's very helpful in terms of pointing out..."

    Jaffrey A.
    Product Management and Strategy

    Dramatically increases the value of sales content!

    "Content organization and SFA integration. Enablix made it easy for us to manage all types of content and organized them so that anyone could find the right content. It also removed content that was out of date or not relevant. We liked the integration with our CRM and SFA tools and summary emails with weekly and monthly updates on the use of content throughout the organization. With a..."