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The employee engagement platform that combines cutting-edge HR technology, more than 11 years of Top Workplaces™ research insights, and expert guidance to transform your workplace and build a high-engagement culture.

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Culture. It’s the unique character of your organization. Like it or not, every workplace has one. And in today’s environment, culture distinguishes the world’s most valuable companies. It’s also where value is created or destroyed.

You can either craft your culture, or you can answer to it. Leaders at Top Workplaces have figured this out. They know a healthy culture is a competitive advantage – and they make it a strategic priority, day in and day out.

So the question is, do you have the culture you need to unlock potential, inspire performance, and achieve amazing results?

Energage CEO, Doug Claffey, explores how:

– Top workplaces win with culture.
– Culture impacts employee engagement.
– You can use three keys to unlock potential
– Technology can play a role in forging a great culture

Energage Details Provided by: Taylar S.

Energage Details Provided by: Taylar Stover

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About Energage

To make the world a better place, we need to build a better workplace. This moves beyond perks, benefits, and payroll. It moves beyond engagement, and it moves beyond the bottom line. To build a better workplace, we need to start with employees at the center of it all.

At Energage, our employee engagement platform combines cutting-edge culture technology, more than 12 years of Top Workplaces™ research insights, and expert guidance to transform your workplace and build a high-engagement culture.

Powered by proven neuroscience, AI guidance, and an unparalleled database of employee feedback, our platform helps you to unlock the potential of your employees, inspire performance, and achieve amazing results.

How do you position yourself against your competitors?

Through 12 years of Top Workplaces research with 17 million employee responses, we have identified the fifteen culture drivers that are critical in creating a winning culture. From these, we develop best-in-class Culture Technology that our customers use to intentionally forge winning cultures that deliver amazing results.

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