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Engagio Playmaker

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Orchestrate account-based programs across multiple personas, departments, and channels.

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Engagio Playmaker Features

Marketing Distribution


Provides customer and prospect segmentation capabilities, which in turn assists marketing prioritization and effectiveness.

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Personalized Messaging

Allows for the customization and hyper-personalization of messaging as it pertains to a target audience.

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Custom Campaigns

Allows for unique content and digital ads to be pushed in the desired channel(s).

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Website Personalization

Provides tools that dynamically serve content, messaging, and calls-to-action.

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Live Chat

Provides personalized live chat functionality to better assist customers and prospects.

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Campaign Planning

Strategy Mapping

Provides tools to visualize the entire marketing and sales process.

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Prioritized Accounts

Helps determine which accounts have the highest/lowest opportunity to convert.

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Trending Accounts

Helps determine the direction of each individual account and how to engage through specific content.

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Marketing Features

Ad Network Integrations

Integrates with ad networks that provide different marketing avenues.

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Email Campaigns

Connects sales emails with cross-sell/upsell marketing campaigns across multiple channels.

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